We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our boat donation program can benefit you. Boats 2 Charity takes pride in making your boat donation experience as stress free and effortless as possible. Looking to get rid of an unwanted boat at no cost to you? Then your are at the right place! Who are we? A truly meaningful free way to give to charity, A leader in maximizing the IRS tax deduction of our boat donation clients, The best way to help those in need with a boat donation or any other type of watercraft donation. We are the nationwide solution for the removal of your boat (junk or not) free of charge while forwarding the benefit of your gifts to those in need. Boats2Charity.org was founded with a mission to support those less fortunate, the infirm and uneducated. In battling hunger, homelessness, illiteracy and more through the responsible stewardship of your boat donations. Our Charity has helped individuals and needy families, throughout the United States get back on their feet, but we can't continue the mission without the support of you our Donors. Part of what sets us apart from all others is that we recognize our first responsibility is to you our Donors. By doing this we can better serve those in need. We draw from a group of volunteers with decades of combined volunteerism behind us and a desire to better the world and those around us. There is no better reward than knowing you can be a part of making the life of another better, helping where there seems to be no help these days and giving of yourself to others. By being focused on doing the right thing we pray that we are your first consideration when donating your vessel or watercraft to charity. Please continue to support us in our fight to help those suffering through these hard times with the donation of your boat. Boats from the USA helping those in need right here at home. Boats 2 Charity makes it easy to navigate the waters of liquidating your used boat, yacht, personal water craft, sail boat, cabin cruiser, or power Boat donationmwith our fast and easy charitable online Boat donation california process. We provide you with all the necessary legal paperwork so you can claim your tax deductible charitable vehicle or vessel donation. In addition, we also pick up your used boat anywhere in the US and Canada at no expense to you! If you're thinking about upgrading to a new boat, or if your maritime plans have changed, donating your boat to charity is much easier than selling it in a tough market. Don?t worry about haggling with potential buyers! The financial rewards from donating used boat are greater than trying to sell it yourself. With our efficient resell price maximization process, you receive the highest tax deduction allowed by the IRS while helping those in need! Donate a boat by filling out our straightforward, hassle free online Boat donation form; let's start the conversation today! At Boats2Charity.org we are fully committed to our ongoing aim of being an exemplary force in social responsibility. Your satisfaction is absolutely indispensable. Boats2Charity recognizes that you have enough on your mind as it is without having to worry about getting rid of your old boat, so we make sure your online Boat donation experience is nothing short of smooth sailing. Donate a Boat to charity and receive the Maximum Legal Tax Deduction possible! If your used boat, yacht, or sea vessel is becoming an unnecessary source of stress in your life with relentless maintenance and storage expenses, wasting away in the harbor loosing value every day at the mercy of a stubbornly uncooperative economy, donate your boat to charity is a smart move! Don't lose another dollar on insurance, slip fees or maintenance! When you donate boat to charity Boats, pickups are scheduled at your convenience anywhere in the United States at no expense to you the Donor. Free towing 7 days a week! Let Boats2Charity take the weight off your shoulders while helping you make a real difference in the communities in which we live. 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